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Displays of Affection (...)
Rated: E
WC: WIP 6,511
Sherlock x John
Displays of Affection and Their Effect on Attraction: Sherlock has been rather bored for weeks when he gets an idea for an experiment. It's unlike anything he's ever tried before and John agrees to be his test subject, but it soon becomes clear to both men that they both are.
Rated: E
WC: WIP 29,949
Sherlock x John
Greaserlock AU: After John is stabbed while trying to save a boy's life, he has to return to life as usual, yet he finds it harder than it was before to fit into the jell-o mold he'd previously fit. Then he meets Sherlock Holmes.
As Fate Would Have It
Rated: E
WC: 16,026
Dean x Castiel
(To be re-written) When people start dying mysteriously in their sleep in a small town, Sam and Dean go to investigate. Castiel Novak works at the motel they rent a room at and he soon becomes their main suspect. Things start to go downhill with the arrival of Meg and Crowley, two witches that are harvesting soul bonds. Their next targets? Dean and Castiel.
What Watson Didn't Say
Rated: E
WC: 1,573
Holmes x Watson
Watson writes a journal entry the night of Sherlock's return for his and Sherlock's eyes only.
Rated: E
WC: 3,303
Merlin x Arthur
Arthur hasn't been able to fall asleep for days and goes in search of his manservant for help.
Give Me A Sign
Rated: E
WC: 2,215
Stiles x Derek
Deaf AU: Stiles decides to learn sign language so he can communicate better with Derek and he ends up using it to communicate his feelings for him.
Rest in Pieces
Rated: E
WC: WIP 15,326
Sherlock (x2) x John
John Watson has always wanted a robot of his own, so when he finds one in a junkyard, he takes it for himself.
Siren's Song
Rated: E
WC: 4,425
Sherlock x John
Punklock AU: John goes out with his sister and her girlfriend to watch The Whiphand perform and he's captivated by the band's sexy violinist. Or, the one where a one night stand might turn into something more. Part 1 of 5, series WIP.
I Believe in John Watson
Rated: E
WC: 12,927
Sherlock x John
Sherlock returns from taking down Moriarty's web to find out that John is engaged to be married. His fiance, a woman Sherlock can actually stand, proposes a challenge: let the best of them win.
Rated: T
WC: 1,222
Sherlock x John
For an art class he's taking to please his physical therapist, John has to draw the person that means the most to him. He ends up drawing a just-awoken Sherlock, bedhead and all.


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hello, dean.

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dear diary

today i platonically watched my best friend rake leaves

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Plot twist: Janine dies at the age of 60, after a long bout with cancer. In her will, she leaves the cottage in Sussex to Sherlock and John, jointly, but with the caveat that they could only accept it if they both lived there.

"I know what kind of man you are, Sherlock Holmes," she wrote in the will. "It’s time to let John know too."


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That means we’re dealing with a Superman who’s gone dark side.

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